EFTTEX Best New Product Showcase is looking for enthusiastic anglers who are open to new inventions, but watching the latest products on the fishing market with a critical eye.

EFTTEX 2023 Best New Product Showcase is the only European-wide showcase of new products which can be reached worldwide through the web. We expect products from all around the world, from brands that you've probably already heard of, and maybe even used them! Compared to previous years the categories have been increased to create a fairer competition for all entrants. We have six main categories: Carp & Feeder, Saltwater fishing, Spinning & baitcasting, General & Coarse, Fly fishing and Apparel & General.

Specialists who become jury members of EFTTEX 2023 Best New Product Showcase will be asked to choose their favourite product in every category. All judging will be done independently and scores will be added together. We also added „green booster” for those products which have either eco- friendly packaging or eco-friendly components.

Apply to be a jury member and be a part of the Best New Product Showcase!